Monahan’s Seafood Market is still new as ever, even following quite a while of serving the Ann Arbor community  – mostly because the appeal of quality seafood is something that just never gets old. The energetic seafood market is an essential resource for local restaurants and home chefs, and almost as much of a beloved lunch destination (the only meal served here).  Within view of fish chilling on ice, noontime eaters pack into the tight space to plunge into po-boy sandwiches, fried calamari, and every day specials like baja tacos or chili shrimp on paper plates. Big names like Anthony Bourdain have paid notice, making a trip to taste Monahan’s collection of shellfish, arranged dishes, and fry plates for himself. You must follow  the same pattern. What you find in Ann Arbor is a city that merit family life, education, healthy living and the arts – thus and many more. Neighborhoods in Ann Arbor and the nearby areas merge to make for a fabulous Midwest region, as indicated by Laura Berarducci of the Ann Arbor CVB.


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Michiganders know the Great Lakes are way better than the sea, yet there is one disadvantage to not living by the ocean: lack of new fish. In fact, that is not been an issue for Ann Arborites since 1979, when Monahan’s Seafood Market opened. This Kerrytown gem has all the Great Lakes angle yet in addition flies in anything dry or flaky from here and there America’s coasts. Maryland soft shell crabs? Narragansett squid? Pacific coast oysters? Gulf shrimp? Monahan’s gets everything, and its lunch counter gives a perfect opportunity to savor the ever-changing specials like the chowder of the day, Baja fish tacos, lobster rolls, and oh so much more.

Furthermore, the  vast collection of archeological artifacts, the museum  is likewise home to important items in regards to the study of archeology, for example, uncovering records and archeological photographs. Among the museum’s most important property are the rare collection of Egyptian mummy masks, old Greek coins, Roman brick stamps and the biggest accumulation of Parthian pottery outside Iraq. The Kelsey likewise offers special exhibitions, educational programs for children, and various fieldwork projects.

Bird Hills and Sunset: On the west side of Ann Arbor, a beautiful trail is standing by. After crossing over the roadway on Newburgh Road, Bird Hills gives some sloping and specialized trails to occupy from the unlimited miles on the road. After logging a few on the soft soil ground, running down Sunset (and back up) will give you a butt-busting slope exercise to end your run and keep you in shape! Internet and television are free services that the City Place Ann Arbor Residents provide. Tenants are in charge monthly for the use of the gas, electric and water utilities.

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310 E Washington St,
Ann Arbor,
MI 48104

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: (734) 224-2648