The advantages of growing hair-using products containing natural ingredients are several. However, if artificial inputs such as shampoo and hair care products containing chemicals are used too much, it could lead to negative effects like dryness of the skin, hair loss, flakes formation, hair fall and dandruff generation.

There are number of hair care products to nurture natural growth of hair. There are multiple advantages in growing the hair in its natural format with some reliance on external agents such as shampoo, cosmetics and other hair care products. These hair care products are found to be containing a lot of agents promoting hair growth. The chemical composition of these shampoos and hair care products will assist the growth of hair apart from nurturing it for a longer time.

However, the effect may be for a shorter period. For instance, the shampoos and hair care products will assist hair growth for three to four years. However, long-term exposure of hair to such products will have minimal negative impact.

There have been instances of hair loss, hair fall, baldness, hair loss, dandruff generation, flakes generation and hair splitting among people not using hair care products. In extreme cases, there is even formation of flakes on the hair due to dryness of the skin. However, this can be contained by using hair care products that containing natural ingredients. Since they contain natural ingredients, they promote hair growth. However, exercise utmost caution while using the hair care products containing high level of chemicals.

One of the best manners to promote natural growth of hair is to nurture it with products containing oil, herbs and lubricants. The surface of the head should be kept free from flakes and dandruff. This will not only assist the growth of the hair, but also keep it free from any problems. Do not wash the hair on a regular basis as it could bleach the color. If the hair color bleaches, it could lead to graying of hair and variety of problems. Eventually, it could result in loss of hair finally having baldness of the person. Wash the hair at least three or four times a week. Do not wash the hair with hot water. Wash the hair in warm water. If possible, wash the hair in cold water at least twice a week. Also rinse the hair carefully using hair conditioner at least once a week. This practice will keep the hair from drying and splitting.

There are multiple disadvantages if the hair is not maintained properly with necessary natural inputs. Applying oil to the surface of the head will not only assist and promote hair growth, but also ensure all round growth development. The oil has to be applied lightly without too much rubbing on the surface. But make sure the oil is of good quality. If the oil is of poor quality, it could damage the hair altering its condition once and for all. If the condition of the hair deteriorates, it will lead to hair fall and baldness. This may not be good for the hair. Utmost care should be taken while selecting the hair care products since they react differently from person to person. Conduct extensive review before purchasing hair care products.