Have you been trying to find a new hair style? You should consider hair extensions as they offer a whole range of options. Hair Salon Ann Arbor has a great reputation as a modern hair salon that will ensure you get the best hair care services. We have stylists who have experience and artistic skills in installing hair extensions. We have different colors, styles, textures and volumes of the hair extensions. There are so many reasons why we would recommend hair extensions to all our customers. Let’s look at some of the people who need hair extensions.

Encourage Hair Growth


If your hair seems to stagnate and does not grow beyond a particular point, you need to consider hair extension. With hair extensions, you will enjoy having long hair and while at it, this will promote proper growth of your hair. This is a simple, yet effective solution and we have tons of clients who have great testimonials. You can choose from the clip-in hair extensions as well as the weave-in extensions. There is always something for everyone.

Hair Losshr

There are instances that may cause hair loss and this can be quite devastating for any woman. While you may be busy searching for solutions to help with the hair loss, make use of quality hair extensions. What most people do not know is the fact that you can regain the lost volume of the hair, through hair extensions. We have the perfect hair extensions that will suit your specific needs and give you’re a great look. For the ladies with thin hair, our stylists will be able to fix the hair extensions in such a manner that you can make your hair thicker.

Different Styles and Looks

While the natural hair may be limiting, the hair extensions provide a wide range of options to explore. You can change your look easily, every morning to suit different occasions. Once we have installed the hair extensions, you have the option of braiding, making a bun or a pony tail. This is also an easier way to make use of the different accessories that you may have in your closet. For the special occasions like weddings, graduations and other formal meetings, hair extensions will never disappoint. You can practically achieve any look that you desire as hair extensions are an amazing way to spice up your looks.

No Hair Damage


Unlike some of the other hair styles, hair extensions will not cause any damage to your natural hair. It blends in with your natural hair easily and does not need any bonding or taping in, as these are alternatives that extend the damage to your hair.

As you can see, hair extensions are a great alternative to getting a new hair look. We have the best stylists that will help you pick the ideal extension and install them for you. You will not have regrets with the hair extension as they come with tons of benefits. Please book your appointment now to get trending hair extensions from our hair stylists.