Great hair is something that’s envied by many people, particularly women. Yet, sometimes, getting that perfect style can be hard to achieve without professional help. You’ll need to find a stylist fast.

Even though you know you need some help with your tresses, it can be difficult to find a hair salon that addresses your needs. Also, you want to go to a place that is professional as well as affordable. One of the best ways to find a stylist you love is simply by doing a bit of research. You can begin by asking friends and family, or even a stranger on the street if you like their style. Whatever you do, don’t settle on a particular place until you’re sure it’s just what you want. However, if over time you find that it isn’t, don’t feel pressured to continue going there if you’re not happy.

Visit a chain

This kind of hair salon is usually a place that is pretty popular and affordable; however, the employees may be fresh out of school. The good thing is that while you’ll probably get a stylist that may not have extensive experience, most times, these workers are hoping to make a name for them. They tend to go above and beyond in order to do an exceptional job, in the hopes that you’ll be so pleased, you’ll refer more people to them. On the other hand, a chain maintains business because it’s a brand name people are familiar with. This means they usually pay stylists’ poor commissions. It’s rare that you’ll find a dynamic, experienced stylist working at a chain, so you may run the risk of getting a style you don’t like.

Go cutting edge

If you want to have the latest hairstyle that all the stars are wearing or are the new look for summer, then an upscale, creative hair salon may be what you need. Usually, these places not only do creative styles but also have a décor that is the epitome of modern contemporary. You may see lots of uncomfortable-looking chairs, chrome and silver accents as well as vibrant colors. Some places even offer manicures, pedicures, cocktails, appetizers and more. Unfortunately, you may feel a bit lost in all the hustle and bustle and your stylist could be so concerned with keeping to his or her schedule that you may not have time to really chat about your likes and dislikes. You may even get a style that is too trendy for you; leaving you feeling like you wasted your time and definitely your money. Bottom line; if the shop doesn’t vibe with your own thoughts and personality, keep looking.

Try a Mom and Pop

With a mom and pop hair salon, you may not get the latest in materials or equipment, but you should get a place that’s well kept, warm and friendly. Also, these stylists usually own the place as well as work there, so they may feel more obligated to give you additional personal attention. Just keep in mind that even though it’s a small-scale place, you should still expect professionalism. Things like little to no organization, shoddy work, as well as, unacceptable behavior shouldn’t be tolerated in any shop, big or small.