Going to the hair salon can be a pampering treat as well as grooming essential. There are many reasons to make an appointment for the array of services that are offered. The stylists and technicians who work there have been highly trained in aesthetics as well as the chemistry and components of the body. A cosmetologist must spend many hours first in a classroom learning all there is to know about the field, then in the beauty school salon working with clients. Following this extensive training which can last up to two years, the cosmetologist must complete two exams in order to become licensed. The licensing examinations are comprised of a written portion as well as a hands-on test where the practitioner will demonstrate skills on a manikin.

Why go to the hair salon for professional services?

– Career enhancement: A well-groomed individual is much more likely to get hired for a job or promoted at their existing place of employment. Part of a professional appearance is a good hair cut and manicured nails.

– A foundation: A good haircut is the building block of one’s appearance. A high-quality cut will go with any outfit and make a person’s facial appearance more appealing. Without this foundation, everything else will appear shoddy.

– Self-esteem: Having one’s hairdo cropped into a stylish look will do wonders for a person’s self-esteem and confidence. This is a mood booster that even helps hospital patients or nursing home residents feel better about life and therefore heal more quickly.

What services does a salon offer?

  1. Cut: A trim or whole new style is available with the snip of a technician’s scissors.
  2. Shampoo and style: If a customer doesn’t want a cut, they may still have a shampoo and blow-dry or set. This is especially popular for special occasions such as the prom or wedding day.
  3. Permanents: Waves or curls can be processed into one’s look with permanent processing. This is a tricky task that is best left to the pros.
  4. Color: There are different ways to color one’s tresses including all-over tint, highlights or lowlights. A combination of all three may sometimes be used for a unique expression of personal style. Highlights are usually blonder streaks set against a dark backdrop of tresses and lowlights are dark ones set against the light.
  5. Manicures and pedicures: A majority of larger salons have a nail technician on staff. The cuticles, nails, and skin are tended to on either the hands or feet by these skilled techs.
  6. Makeup: Makeup artists are often available to ready a woman’s face for a special occasion. These products may be applied in the salon or by a mobile service in order to adorn the faces of all females in a wedding party or on a stage set.
  7. Chair massage: Nothing like a chair-massage to relax the neck and shoulders before the tresses are coiffed into a new style. Even fifteen minutes can make a world of difference.

Your local hair salon can make a big difference in appearance and mood. Get a referral for a good stylist from your friends and neighbors today. hairsalonannarbor.net