Summer is right around the corner and the perfect time to try a new ‘do! Your long thick winter hair is going to be hot as the temperature rises, meaning that you should get some chopped off.

At Hair Salon Ann Arbor, we understand that your hair is your baby, your prized possession that you never want to get rid of. But what we want you to understand is that your hair will grow back. No matter if you shave your entire head or just chop off a few inches, it will grow back. And you will get to try a fun new style that you may decide to love more than your long mane!

There are many summer hairstyles that are going to be very popular this year. Take notes and figure out which styles you want to try!

The Cut

The lob or long bob is in style currently and is a super cute and simple way to shorten your hair and add some style. A lob with a bunch of layers can add some texture to your hair, giving your simple cut a bit of flair.

Fringe is coming back in style. Eye-length fringe is the perfect way to add a fierce look without chopping all your hair off. It is also easy to style in different ways and is long enough to be pinned up on days you just aren’t feeling the look.

Pixie cuts are still in style, even if they don’t seem as popular as they were in the past few years. These cuts are daring and make a statement. A pixie cut is perfect for summer—you will stay cool in the hot sun, forgetting hair tie will be no big deal, and styling can be as simple as can be!

Shorter haircuts are fun for summer, easier to deal with, and allow for you to not overheat while hanging out in the sun.

The Color

Last year’s hair color trend was the bright neons and pastel hair. It was fun, flirty, and gave your hair a bit more personality. And while that is still trending in the hair world, it has lost its enormous popularity. When it comes to fun colors, hair has turned to the subtle tints, rather than the overwhelming rainbow glow.

But hair trends are starting to go back to their natural roots. Balayage is a trend that is going to be popular this summer. Giving you highlights that look natural and beautiful, like sun-kissed hair, this treatment is perfect to add a little color while keeping the natural look.


This is different than cut. The style trend is going in a few directions. One is natural—allowing for your natural hair to take over, whether that is curly, wavy, straight, or somewhere in between, natural styled hair, along with color, is in. Another style trend is the bold looks these include fringe, bobs, and other unique styles.

Summer is the perfect time to try something new and daring—chopping your hair off, trying a more natural color, or letting your natural hair shine, it could make all the difference. The Hair Salon Ann Arbor encourages you to try something new this summer, come in for a cut, color, or something else you’d like to try. Contact us today!