Want to achieve professional hairstyles from the comfort of your own home? You don’t have to have your own personal stylist do get salon-quality looks, all you need is a hair straightener that has the same features as one that can be found in any high-end salon. These features are:

Genuine plates: The difference between a salon straightener and a regular straightener comes down to the quality of the plates. Every pro will tell you to go for pure ceramic plates for superior straightening, safe heating, and utmost protection. If you want something a bit faster than plain ceramic then you can always choose a titanium straightener, but make sure that it has a ceramic heater since titanium is an extremely heat resistant material and can reach high temperatures in a flash, but without a ceramic component, your locks might suffer the consequences of such high temperatures and become dry and brittle. Tourmaline, on the other hand, is extremely gentle and is naturally mixed with ceramic so you won’t have to worry about heat damage at all. Tourmaline crystals are extra ionic to produce perfectly smooth and glossy hair that will last for days, and it’s far-infrared technology (also native in ceramic) gently heats the hair while sealing the cuticles and protecting each strand from damage. Whether you go for ceramic, titanium or tourmaline, as long as they’re solid and not coated then you’ll most certainly have a salon-quality straightener that will achieve any style you desire. 

Adjustable heat: Not everyone’s hair type is the same, and neither is the heat they need for a proper straighten. This is why a heat setting that you can adjust is important while straightening, so you can turn the heat down to prevent heat damage or gradually turn it up to avoid spending hours in front of the mirror going over the same section several times with a low heat that can also cause heat damage since the cuticles get roughened up as you have to repeatedly pass the plates over them.

Swivel cord: Professional hair stylists wouldn’t be caught dead with a straightener without a swivel cord, and with good reason! Swivel cords make straightening practically effortless as they rotate when the device does, avoiding the trouble of getting tangled up. Plus, their extra-long cord length gives stylists more liberty of movement and allows them to comfortably work around the customer’s hair.

Practical design: Salon hair straightener’s are meant for regular use, so a badly designed device is of no use to a busy stylist. In order for a hair straightener to be salon material it must be ergonomic, lightweight and preferably slim. The handles should accommodate your hand almost perfectly for a comfortable hold and a good grip while you style, allowing you to get the job done quickly and avoiding wrist or hand fatigue.

All of these features build a salon hair straightener , and you’ll know it as soon as you start enjoying the super smooth and silky results that this high-quality straightener delivers. With it you’ll be able to flaunt flawlessly straight and perfectly styled locks that will even have top salons wondering who works on your hair! hairsalonannarbor.net