Before you walk into the salon for your next makeover, you may want to weigh your options carefully. Some treatments are greatly overpriced, while others can transform your appearance on a budget.

Not all salon treatments are worth the price. Many popular offerings can damage your hair, face, or nails, and transitioning back to your natural appearance can be difficult. There are, however, some great new services that some salon clients have even called “life-changing.” Here are a few of the good and bad qualities of beauty services.

The Good:

Keratin hair treatments are considered a miracle by many frizzy-haired girls. And with the recent development of formaldehyde-free formulas, many of the dangers due to chemical inhalation have been decreased greatly or completely eliminated. During the treatment process, keratin is applied to the hair and sealed in with heat, leaving it straight and shiny. After two to three days, the hair can be washed with specialized shampoo and conditioner, and the result is relaxed and smoother hair. Women report the time it takes to style their hair is greatly reduced, and the hair is resistant to the effects of moisture and humidity. Treatments last for two to four months and costs range between $100 and $400 depending on hair length.

A great cut and color job can completely transform a woman’s appearance, which is why it’s worth the money and time to invest in a good stylist. While picking the right cut and color can be difficult, to make your life easier, find a stylist who you trust. They can help guide you to choosing the best choices that will suit your hair type and facial features.

Eyebrow threading and waxing is a cheap and effective way to transform your face. Well-groomed brows highlight cheekbones and eyes, and with a little patience for the growing period, can be altered to fit current trends. You can also tint or lighten them, which can instantly brighten your face without the major commitment of other procedures.

The Bad:

Acrylic, gel or wrap nails are among the worst as well as priciest salon treatments you can get. While they may look great right after application (and the polish lasts several times longer than on natural nails) once they grow out the nightmare begins. Fills are expensive, and neglecting them can result in some odd looking nail beds. Removing them is another option, but not only is it time consuming, but you won’t like what you see underneath. The natural nail weakens and can even rip, leaving you with painful fingertips that take weeks to grow out, and even longer to return to a healthy state. Stick with natural nails and regular manicures to keep them long and strong.

Many women are clamoring for hair extensions after seeing their favorite celebrities switch from short to long locks overnight. The problem with extensions is similar to that with fake nails – once you start getting them, it’s difficult to transition back to natural. Extensions will damage hair, are hard to maintain, expensive to put in, and when they fall out it can be downright frightening. Better to stick to clip-on falls, wigs, or whatever is on top of your head.