A salon is not just a place where you can get your hair done.  Salons also offer other services to help keep you looking your best.  You can get your nails done, a pedicure for your tired feet or even get a healthy-looking glow with a sunless spray tan or a tanning session. Most salons also offer waxing and facials as well.  While you are getting your hair cut and styled, you can also get your eyebrows shaped to add the perfect finish to your look. Some salons can even give you tips on makeup as well. 

When looking for a good salon to go to, you may want to consider asking friends or family members where they go.  If you see a particular hairstyle you like on someone, ask them who does their hair. When you find a salon you want to go to, call them up to find out a little more information about the staff.  How much experience do they have? What services can they do? Does the salon have a website? If you can find a salon that has a website to check out, that is always a plus. A website makes it easy to check out what the salon offers and sometimes even the prices of those services.  If you can check reviews of that particular salon. Did anyone have a bad experience there? Does it come recommended? What do others have to say about the salon?

When you have chosen the salon you want to go to, it’s a good idea to have a hairstyle or nail design in mind before you get there.  That way it is easy for the hairstylist or nail technician to get started right away. You can always clip out pictures of hairstyles you like and bring them with you to the salon.  The stylist may make recommendations or suggestions on what would look best for your facial features. Ultimately though, your hairstyle should be something you choose, not what the stylist chooses.  Unless of course, you are undecided about what you want to be done with your hair, then you can leave it up to the stylist.

If you want other services done at the salon, it’s a good idea to book the appointment so that you can get it all done on the same day rather than make multiple trips back to the salon.  Then when you leave the salon, you will have a completely new style. hairsalonannarbor.net